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How Mobile Marketing Can Be Beneficial To Your Business How Mobile Marketing Can Be Beneficial To Your Business June 3 nike air max tn nere scontate , 2012 | Author: Joe Maldonado | Posted in Marketing

If you can manage to get into mobile marketing it can be highly beneficial for your business. This is because the number of people that are using mobile devices and mobile web applications is rapidly growing. Adding this type of marketing to your other efforts is a sound business decision that you should strongly consider making.


It is vital and necessary for any business to stay current with how customers go about finding their products and services, and you must take note of any current trends. Today, the most popular trend is the use of SMART phones. Everywhere you go these days, anytime you turn your head, you are going to see people with cell phones in their hands. However, you must be aware of the fact that these phones are no longer being used just for calling and text messaging. As a matter of fact, cell phones are now being used for marketing on a regular basis.


People used to use desktop computers and laptops to find virtually anything online. These days, things have changed. Now people are using their SMART phones more often than anything else for search purposes as well as communication. The main reason why mobile marketing is so successful is to the sheer volume of times in which people access their phones every day. This is actually a huge market, since there are nearly 4 billion mobile users worldwide, with 27% of them being SMRT phone users.


When you look at it this way, it is easy to see how profitable this method of marketing can be. Especially when you take into account how many more people are beginning to use mobile internet nike air max 2017 uomo scontate , and half of them use their SMART phones to do local searches. So in essence, you can equate mobile searches with local searches. When you think of it in these terms it becomes easy to see that through marketing this way you would be able to get these mobile users to find your business when they are seeking you out.


On the other hand, a great way to get your message across to your customers very quickly is through text messaging. When you compare this type of marketing with email marketing, there is no contest. Text messages have a much higher open rate than emails do. Open rate means the amount of time that it takes for your message to reach the targeted client.


There is only a 20% open rate with email marketing. This is in comparison to an astounding 90% open rate when you advertise through a mobile device. Basically, from the time your message is sent, it will be read within 4 minutes. This is much better than the average of several hours if you choose to send your message as an email. The reason for this difference in open rates is because most people tend to have their mobile phones with them at all times throughout the day. This allows you to get your advertising message across to people in a matter of minutes. With all of this taken into account, it is easy to see why any business will benefit greatly from mobile marketing.


Next, find out more about Mobile Marketing online today!

Coba Ruins day trip from Riviera Maya Breighner Selma
Submitted 2014-09-30 13:50:58 Explore the Yucatan Peninsula Mexico:
Yucatan-discounts offers a great range of family, all-inclusive tour options, Chichen Itza trip and Coba Ruins is a one of Maya most popular holiday trip in Riviera Maya of the Yucatan Peninsula
Extending along the Yucatan Peninsula on the east coast, Riviera Maya is also famous for some of the world's most exotic trips and tours. Canc?n nike air max 2017 bianche scontate , on the Riviera's northern part is only 50 kms away.
Cheap Coba Ruins. Discover tours and trip holiday deals to Coba Cenotes with Yucatan-Discounts
COBA Ruins day trip from Playa frl Carmen
Leave the beaches of Playa del Carmen and discover Coba, an ancient Mayan city in the jungle. Explore this large archeological site, scamper up the tallest pyramid on the Yucatan Peninsula and admire panoramic views. Plus, learn the history and culture of Coba from a professional guide. Afterward, visit a Mayan village and restaurant, and swim at a beautiful cenote. In just one tour, you'll enjoy a history lesson, fun exercise and delicious food!

Day trip from Playa del Carmen to Coba, an ancient Mayan city hidden in the jungle
Discover the archeological ruins, carved stone tablets and hieroglyphic texts of Coba
Climb to the top of Nohoch Mul pyramid and enjoy panoramic views of the Yucatan Peninsula
Learn the history and culture of Coba from a professional guide
Meet the inhabitants of a nearby Mayan village and enjoy lunch featuring Yucatecan cuisine
Swim at a gorgeous cenote
Hotel pickup and drop-off from Playa del Carmen included

Begin your day with hotel pickup from Playa del Carmen and head to Coba, located in northern Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula.

As you explore the ruins of this city built around five lakes within the dense jungle nike air max 2017 nere scontate , you can't help but feel a little like Indiana Jones. The majority of Coba's 6,500 structures, covering roughly 43 square miles (70 square km), has not been excavated or restored. The largest pre-Columbian settlement of the Classic Period, 600 to 900 AD, Coba was believed to be home to 50,000 inhabitants. Archeological evidence suggests that Coba played a vital role in trade with other regional Mayan communities, especially with settlements along the Caribbean coast.

Spend approximately two hours wandering through Coba with a professional guide or investigating the ruins on your own. .

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