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Are you a Ice Cream lover? You must know this fact.

For those of you who like to ice cream, this one fact is mandatory to note. In addition to making addiction for its customers, It turns out that ice cream contains additive substances to improve the texture of food and extend the life of food. Additional additives in processed foods are thought to interfere with the performance of good bacteria in the intestine, leading to changes that increase the risk of intestinal inflammation and potentially developing some chronic diseases, a study says. In the study, researchers looked at additive ingredients called emulsifiers, which were added to many processed foods.

The researchers used lab equipment as a human gut simulation, including bacteria present in the gut, in the form of a series of pumps and glass containers. There are two emulsifiers called carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and polysorbate-80 (P80), to simulate the contents of the normal intestine according to the scientists. As the emulsifiers enter the artificial intestinal simulation, the substance causes a dramatic increase in risk of intestinal inflammation, says study author Benoit Chassaing, assistant professor of biomedical sciences at Georgia State University. Chassaing presents this study in Digestive Disease Week, a scientific meeting focused on digestive diseases.

This study shows that the emulsifier directly affects the intestinal bacteria, Chassaing says. However, researchers still need to test whether the emulsifiers have the same effect as quickly on humans, and the researchers are already planning further studies. This new finding adds to the evidence that emulsifiers can trigger the development of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). In a future study in humans, the researchers will ask respondents to do an emulsifier-free diet for a month, and then switch some foods with emulsifier.

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Ice cream

The researchers will then examine whether both groups showed significant differences in intestinal inflammation. Emulsifiers are generally listed on processed food labels, but other additives are often written under a different name, Chassaing says. This makes it difficult for consumers to avoid it just by reading food labels. The best way to avoid emulsifying is to avoid processed foods, he said.
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