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Warm up before exercise will make the blood rich in oxygen and nutrients will flow to the muscles. That way, we will become better prepared to spur muscles to work harder. Simply just doing a little exercise just before doing strenuous exercise, it will be very helpful so that the muscles are not tense or injured.

  Hormonal Changes

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Our bodies function to increase the production of different types of hormones and bodies that also have the responsibility to regulate the production of energy released. By warming up before doing the exercise, it is equivalent to balancing the hormones thus creating more availability of fatty acids and carbohydrates for the sake of more energy production as well. Energy is what we definitely need during exercise.

  Increase Range of Motion

If we had very little movement range, then by warming up where the muscles and joints are feeling ready and hot, the range of motion that is in the area of the joints will automatically rise. This range of motion is a term often used for joint movement from full flexion to full extension. When an injury occurs in the soft tissues surrounding the joint, the range of motion will decrease automatically, so warming is essential in order to avoid injury that can lead to tissue damage or swelling.

  Setting up the Heart System Work

Warming up is beneficial to make the heart rate increase and this will also directly make the heart and cardiovascular (vascular) system work more ready before we do the movements or strenuous exercise. To restore the work of the heart system by lowering the heart rate, there is a process called cooling down or cooling that needs to be done at the end of the sport.

  Expanding Blood Vessels

Blood vessels can also become wider due to warming up. What is the benefit of widening blood vessels? This will lower resistance to blood flow and will also reduce stress on the heart.
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